Sunday, 1 February 2015

Pokemon X and Y Emulator

The Pokemon X and Y Emulator has been created for a lot of reasons, and has gone through a number of BETA stages to refine it to what it is now. Pokemon in general has taken the anime world by storm and is one of the most watched, played and remembered by many children and adults alike. The very first series was aired on TV back in 1997 and is still currently being aired. The anime shot up in fame when the very first Pokemon game was introduced on Gameboy. At that present time Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue were an available option. However,  Pokemon emulators had not been coined. The Pokemon game card had also been another trending feature in the past, and if you were lucky to have been able to collect them - they are now worth a lot compared to the retail price.

The current Pokemon game to date is Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. This is only available on the 3DS, which has been developed by a world renowned company called Game Freak. Unfortunately, not everyone has a 3DS, and we personally are not a big fan of Nintendo’s 3DS hand held console. Due to these reasons, we decided to create a Pokemon X and Y Emulator for PC which you can download for free.

The emulator currently works for Windows and Mac systems – please make sure that you run the correct application according to the system you plan to use. The Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Emulator tool is portable and does not require you to install it directly. This is so that it does not take a lot processing power and memory, as it is temporarily run on your device.

Pokemon X and Y Emulator


 Here are some of the most common question that we had collected during the BETA stage:

How do you start the Emulator app?
Since the emulator is a portable device, it does not require any installation. Therefore all you have to do is double click on the application and it will automatically run. Any saved games will be saved in a folder which the Pokemon emulator will access at run time.

Is the Pokemon X and Y Emulator compatible for all systems?
Currently, we have developed the emulator to work on the most common used systems which are Windows and Mac systems. Our next step is to make this available for Linux.

The application doesn’t appear to work, although it briefly opens and then closes
On rare occasions, the application may try to run on a guest account. We advise to run the application in administer mode which in most instances, resolves the issue.

Is there any technical support for this application?
Yes, the Pokemon X and Y Emulator PC has full technical support. We have added contact us button on the application which you can directly contact us through.

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